Kenney Kookaburra's Lost Laugh: A Story from Waratah Glen

Kenney Kookaburra's Lost Laugh: A Story from Waratah Glen
Kenney Kookaburra's Lost Laugh: A Story from Waratah Glen
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Kenney Kookaburra's Lost Laugh: A Story from Waratah Glen

The first rays of sunshine reach out to gently wake the bush birds into song. Then, a loud booming laugh breaks through the early morning ...
Every morning Kenney Kookaburra's laugh can be heard throughout Waratah Glen. But what happens when Kenney Kookaburra loses his laugh?
Return to Waratah Glen with Macy Magpie, Linda Lorikeet, Garry Galah and all the animals of the Australian bush as they search for Kenney and his lost laugh.

About the Author

Corina Morell grew up in the beautiful Blue Mountains, New South Wales. Her love of stories began at a very young age when she would walk around the house telling stories to her teddy bears. When her Grandmother gave her a special note book in primary school, Corina began to write imaginary adventures of the many different animals she had growing up, as her love of writing stories grew. Throughout high school, Corina found she actually enjoyed the creative writing assignments she was given in class, and began to realise her true passion for writing, as she continued to receive positive feedback from her teachers, family and friends. Before becoming a proud mother of two, Corina completed a Certificate II in Creative Writing, and had several articles about her life experiences published in magazines. But it wasn't until she began to read stories with her children every night that she found the motivation to write her first children's book, 'Billy Bowerbird's Quest', a story about the native Australian animals of 'Waratah Glen.' Corina found her inspiration for her first book from her childhood home of the Blue Mountains and her love of Australian animals. Corina has now written her second book in the 'Waratah Glen' picture book series, Kenney Kookaburra's Lost Laugh, which has been illustrated by emerging artist, Lisa McKay.

Bibliographic Information

* Title: Kenney Kookaburra's Lost Laugh: A Story from Waratah Glen
(Volume 2 of Waratah Glen)

* Author: Corina Morell

* Illustrated by: Lisa McKay
* Publisher: MoshPit Publishing, 2016
* ISBN: 1925595137, 9781925595130
* Length 42 pages

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